Quote from Brother Odd by Dean Koontz…


…that made my heart swell right up:

Some will accuse me of being judgmental. Thank you, and proud of it. You wreck a kid's life I have no pity for you. There are doctors who advocate killing these children at birth with lethal injections, or who would let them die later by declining to treat their infections allowing simple illnesses to become catastrophic. More cells, more lightless pits. Maybe my lack of compassion for these abusers of children, and other failures of mine, means I won't see Stomy on the other side. That the fire I face will be consuming rather than purifying. But at least if I wind up in that palpible dark where having no cable TV is the least of the inconveniences, I will have the pleasure of seeking you out if you have beaten a child. I will know just what to do with you, and I will have eternity to do it.

(Please disregard any transcription errors…I'm listening to the audio books so I'm not positive of the true structure in the book!)

This book is fantastic so far!!!!! Now I must get back to it!

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