Hi from Spartanburg!

Life in Angeltown

View Hi there! I’m here in Spartanburg, SC now! Life has been incredibly busy…learning my way around, settling into a new job, looking at apartments, arranging utitlities & all the fun that comes with moving. I’m in an apartment now, and if I can just get them to deliver my washer & dryer life will be good LOL!

This is my view for about half of my daily drive to work. There are certainly no trees like this in Dallas. LOL. And if this is rush hour traffic I think I can get used to it!

This is the first weekend I’ve had in like a month to really work on some pending projects. AND I WAS SO READY. Withdrawals. Seriously. I was starting to feel way too un-creative & un-productive. But sweet relief! My Poppet® project for the studioWERX Street Team will be up soon, and then I can share it with you!

I’ll be finishing up some other projects and scrapping for the rest of the day. So what’ve you been up to?

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