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I’ve been playing with lots of fabulous supplies from Lazar studioWERX, and I’m so happy with the way my LO’s turned out. Very me. The paperWERX Cellular and Organic collections are simply gorgeous with lots of texture.

This first LO was totally therapeutic, since Oct 1 was the second anniversary of my uncle Bill’s death. He was the one relative that always "got it." KWIM? Growing up he was the one that I always hung out with when we visited family. Open minded. Patient. Sarcastic sense of humor. I used to sneak into his room when I was like 4 or 5 to steal his glasses before he woke up and hide them. Our own silly game.

Credits here.

Shinebright01 And this LO must be one of all time faves. The paper just called to me and it all went from there. Love when it flows so easily. Love this pic of my sis Sara, too. I need to take more photos of both sisters while I’m home…if I can only get them to sit still for 5 seconds at the same time LOL.

~shining bright~
Credits here.


Since it’s just a few days before I turn 32, it seemed like a good time to think about the things I’m thankful for at this point in my life. With so much change going on in my life these days it’s hard to keep perspective and prioritize what’s really important. I’ve hung this on my wall as a little reminder.

~31 years thankful~Credits here.

It will also help that I’m going home tomorrow, and I’m definitely thankful for that. I’m feeling homesick, plus I haven’t seen baby Will yet. While I’m there we’ll take a trip to our fave Halloween destination, Thrillvania. Seriously can’t wait!

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