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Will1 Sweet baby Will was born on Tuesday to Sacha & Brian. Apparently he decided to make an appearance a little earlier than expected, so I unfortunately missed it this time. But he just wouldn’t wait LOL and is now at home getting to know his two big sisters. Can’t wait to see him in person! Love you guys & I’ll be home soon.

I’ve been working a lot which is to be expected when you start a new job of course. Working on lots of great stuff, though! It’s been cooling off here a bit and I’m enjoying the weather more now. Apparently I’ll actually get to enjoy a real fall season this year so I’m looking forward to that.

My internet was out at the apartment for three days this week – talk about going crazy! I think if I had called the apt manager one more time she might have had to hunt me down. heeeheeheeee But there’s no compromising on internet folks. If the guy can’t fix it call someone else!

RainbowconnectionI’ve been doing pretty well with Rhonna’s challange (previous post). 😀 I’ve been working on bits and pieces of things everyday…LO’s & projects, reading some new inspiration books, exploring local scrapbook & antique stores. And I can report with 100% accuracy my domestic skills suffer drastically when I spend this much time creating LOL. Oh well. No spoons or bowls clean so tomorrow I’ll have to either eat out or load the dishwasher. But hey, I’m feeling inspired now so it’s all good. Can’t share everything I’ve been working on yet, but I can share a couple of LO’s I finished.

~rainbow connection~
Credits here.

This one was created for a circle journal challenge on 2Peas. We chose to scrap songs – you know I’m in for that!

2007oct Also made my October calendar pg. I SO LOVE HALLOWEEN! Bring on the spookiness. Hopefully Sara & I (and Kathy if we drag her there) will get to visit our fave haunted house this year.

~october 2007 calendar~
Credits here.

Feeling a bit homesick today & Monkey Love wants to play now, so that’s all for tonight. I’ll post more soon – promise.

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