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Scattergories OK here are my replies to the internet version of this game going around. Actually the actual board game is quite fun – the girls & I used to play for hours. Apparently I’m getting rusty cause this took me way longer than allowed!

The rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following…They MUST be real places, names, things…NOTHING made up!

Your Name: Angel

  1. Famous Singer:  Amos, Tori
  2. 4-letter word:  Ache
  3. Street:  Arapaho
  4. Color:  Azure
  5. Gifts/Presents:  Antiques (for me anyway!)
  6. Vehicle:  Audi
  7. Things In Souvenir Shop:  Can’t think of anything except overpriced trinkets LOL
  8. Boy Name:  Adam
  9. Girl Name:  Anna
  10. Movie Title:  Aristocats
  11. Drink: Absolut with OJ
  12. Occupation:  Artist (dream) and Account Manager (life)
  13. Flower:  African Violet
  14. Celebrity:  Angelina Jolie came to mind…I just watched Hackers
  15. Magazine:  American Artist
  16. US City:  Austin
  17. Pro Sports Team:  like I know any sports teams other than Dallas…ha!
  18. Fruit:  Apricot
  19. Reason For Being Late For Work:  Alarm clock malfunction?
  20. Something You Throw Away:  Advertisements 
  21. Things You Shout:  Amen!
  22. Cartoon Character:  Ariel

Now what are your answers???

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