A little bit of Justin.


How about some Blue October to get us going this fine Saturday morning? Mmmmmm. Yep, tasty. Can’t wait to see you next month in Dallas at House of Blues, my beloved Justin <3 {ETA: the song above is the inspiration...


I’m about knee deep in projects this week, but I have to take 5 minutes to share one of the best albums I’ve heard. EVER. Brandi Carlile’s new album is purely spectacular. Musical bliss. I actually cannot stop listening to…

Blue October

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You may have seen my tweets or FB posts, but Sarah, Lloyd & I went to see Blue October a couple of weeks ago. It was FABULOUS! We’ll definitely see them live next time they come to Dallas. I’m a…

the mudbloods


<--- See what I got! Such awesomeness. A couple weeks ago at the live Pottercast we saw Adam Dubberly / the Mudbloods play and loved his music. He has a lovely folky-singer-songwriter type sound (& great lyrics!) which I've always...

Summer So Far!


Whew! Summer is flying by! I just did a blog redesign that I like despite the irritating Typepad limitations on blogs using templates. I really do not want to switch to advanced templates for my personal blog – it makes…

Pottercast Tour 2009 in Dallas!

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WOOT! On July 1 Kathy & I went to see the live tour of Pottercast, The Remus Lupins, & The Whomping Willows. And BONUS: Adam Dubberly from The Mudbloods also played and was really fabulous! We both really liked the…

Kenny Chesney concert was amazing!


I’d just like to say WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Kenny was amazing last night at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. He seriously sang for over 3 hours until he couldn’t sing anymore. The last hour was like a big jam session w Kenny…


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Tonight I spent a lovely evening chatting with the digi Peas for the Two Peas Tuesday Challenge. The challenge this week was to re-color elements. I made a LO for one of my absolute fave songs: Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley….



Oh, and these, too: Dark Horse by Marshall, Amanda Demolition Love by Arden, Jann Dreamer by Childs, Toni Enter from the East by Jewel Faith In You by P.M. Dawn Fallen by McLachlan, Sarah Fallen Angel by Garza, David Fire…