Life in Angeltown

5 new CU kits in my shop!


Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We had a good time especially watching Tristan open all his presents. He wouldn’t open the next one until he had played with the toy he just opened :lol: so it took hours. I’m exhausted and lounging around tonight eating candy and leftover turkey. I have a [...]

the mudbloods


<--- See what I got! Such awesomeness. A couple weeks ago at the live Pottercast we saw Adam Dubberly / the Mudbloods play and loved his music. He has a lovely folky-singer-songwriter type sound (& great lyrics!) which I've always...

Summer So Far!


Whew! Summer is flying by! I just did a blog redesign that I like despite the irritating Typepad limitations on blogs using templates. I really do not want to switch to advanced templates for my personal blog – it makes…

Cutest baby nephew ever, Tristan!


Just a quick post to share some pics of Sarah & Lloyd w baby Tristan at the pool. Can’t believe how big he’s gotten already. He adores the water!

Kenny Chesney concert was amazing!


I’d just like to say WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Kenny was amazing last night at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. He seriously sang for over 3 hours until he couldn’t sing anymore. The last hour was like a big jam session w Kenny…

Facebook :)


Alright, I finally signed up on Facebook, so you’re welcome to keep up with me there if you want! More later! Muah!

BRRRR! It’s cold here…


…for Texas that is! It’s 34* right now so we’re only a couple of degrees from a freeze. And windy, too. Chilly! Chilly! How has your week been??? Mine is good but has flown by and I’m ready for the…

Blessed QP’s & BLESSED! {Pt 10} & I scrapped! wa-hoo!


Hi there, Looking forward to Thanksgiving this week? Me, too. I need to bake one of my yummy chocolate cakes to take. Mmmmmm. Sour cream frosting…..mmmmmmmmmmmm……. In the meantime I made some Blessed QP’s & I actually scrapped with one…

Goodbye to my sweetest Tiger :(


We lost a sweet kitty yesterday and it just breaks my heart. Tiger was a beautiful & cuddly 17lb tabby that we all loved so much. This is Tiger when he was still a wee baby kitty: And this is…

we R SO in {luv} with tHe deViL :)

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Hi there! How are you??? Long time, no blog. I know. Sarah’s been “reminding” me I need to post LOL, and I reckon she’s right so that’s just what I’m going to do. I’m gonna start with this, because if…