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5 new CU kits in my shop!


Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We had a good time especially watching Tristan open all his presents. He wouldn't open the next one until he had played with the toy he just opened :lol: so it took hours. I'm exhausted and lounging around tonight eating candy and leftover turkey. I have a [...]

the mudbloods


<--- See what I got! Such awesomeness. A couple weeks ago at the live Pottercast we saw Adam Dubberly / the Mudbloods play and loved his music. He has a lovely folky-singer-songwriter type sound (& great lyrics!) which I've always...

Summer So Far!


Whew! Summer is flying by! I just did a blog redesign that I like despite the irritating Typepad limitations on blogs using templates. I really do not want to switch to advanced templates for my personal blog - it makes...

Kenny Chesney concert was amazing!


I'd just like to say WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Kenny was amazing last night at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. He seriously sang for over 3 hours until he couldn't sing anymore. The last hour was like a big jam session w Kenny...

Facebook :)


Alright, I finally signed up on Facebook, so you're welcome to keep up with me there if you want! More later! Muah!

BRRRR! It’s cold here…


...for Texas that is! It's 34* right now so we're only a couple of degrees from a freeze. And windy, too. Chilly! Chilly! How has your week been??? Mine is good but has flown by and I'm ready for the...

Blessed QP’s & BLESSED! {Pt 10} & I scrapped! wa-hoo!


Hi there, Looking forward to Thanksgiving this week? Me, too. I need to bake one of my yummy chocolate cakes to take. Mmmmmm. Sour cream frosting.....mmmmmmmmmmmm....... In the meantime I made some Blessed QP's & I actually scrapped with one...

Goodbye to my sweetest Tiger :(


We lost a sweet kitty yesterday and it just breaks my heart. Tiger was a beautiful & cuddly 17lb tabby that we all loved so much. This is Tiger when he was still a wee baby kitty: And this is...

we R SO in {luv} with tHe deViL :)

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Hi there! How are you??? Long time, no blog. I know. Sarah's been "reminding" me I need to post LOL, and I reckon she's right so that's just what I'm going to do. I'm gonna start with this, because if...