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<— See what I got! Such awesomeness.

A couple weeks ago at the live Pottercast we saw Adam Dubberly / the Mudbloods play and loved his music. He has a lovely folky-singer-songwriter type sound (& great lyrics!) which I've always been in love with so I'm of course thrilled to find a new artist to love.

Well at that event someone suggested the HP-DFW Meetup Group and I joined a few days ago. And perfect timing, too, because on Friday I saw on the calendar that Adam was playing again Saturday night. Yay!

So last night we (me, Sarah, Lloyd, Kathy, Scott) went to the event: Lone Star Comics HBP Party & Wizard Rock Concert. It was a pretty small event but it was great to see Adam play again. AND this time I picked up 2 CD's: a weathered copy of Essentially that he signed (shown) and a REALLY GREAT new CD he recently released of muggle music.

Both CD's are fabulous, and I've been listening to the muggle CD for a few hours now. Really love it! I don't even know the track names LOL except I believe the first one is called 'Happy Ending'. All of the wrockers who love the Mudbloods should definitely pick up this CD, too! All of the songs are great, and it's not that common for me to like every track on a CD. I think my faves are 'Happy Ending', track 3 which I'm calling 'Waking Every Morning' & track 9 which I'm calling 'Sing You Home', but as always my fave tracks are subject to change. BTW feel free to send me the real track names if you know them LOL!

I took some video of 'A Pensieve Full Of Unrequited Love' including a quick look at the adorable little girl (15mo I think they said?) that danced and chased balloons through the show. The loud girl talking about Harry Potter & Twilight is my sis, Sarah, LOL so just ignore her if you can! (HAHA Sarah!)

A big thanks to Adam for coming back from CA to play for us even w/o his guitar string. It is appreciated & we had fun!

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