July 2009

Book of Discovery

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I started a new book for Tristan! I had the idea that I wanted to make a book of all the fun family activities & experiments we should do with him as he gets older like making Magic Crystal Garden….

the mudbloods

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<--- See what I got! Such awesomeness. A couple weeks ago at the live Pottercast we saw Adam Dubberly / the Mudbloods play and loved his music. He has a lovely folky-singer-songwriter type sound (& great lyrics!) which I've always...

Pottercast Tour 2009 in Dallas!

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WOOT! On July 1 Kathy & I went to see the live tour of Pottercast, The Remus Lupins, & The Whomping Willows. And BONUS: Adam Dubberly from The Mudbloods also played and was really fabulous! We both really liked the…