Goodbye to my sweetest Tiger :(

Life in Angeltown

We lost a sweet kitty yesterday and it just breaks my heart. Tiger was a beautiful & cuddly 17lb tabby that we all loved so much. This is Tiger when he was still a wee baby kitty:

And this is the grown up Tiger posing for his closeup. We'll miss you, sweet Tiger!


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  • Heather T. says:

    Oh, I am -so- sorry, Angel. It's really unbelievable how much losing a pet can hurt.

  • MaxHedrm says:

    Awww. Sorry to hear it. I definitely feel your pain. It's been just over a year for me. How old was he?

  • sharon dale says:

    I'm terribly sorry to hear about your beautiful pet Angel. My ginger tabby looks nearly the same as your Tiger and he's just gone 14 I think. I had the heartbreaking decision of putting down one of my Golden Retrievers earlier this year as he had kidney failure but lived to the good age of 14 too. But I get so sad every time I look at her photos. At least I've got them and my layouts to help keep her memory alive for me.

  • Candice S says:

    omigosh, I am sooo, soooo very sorry about your loss. It makes me very sad.

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