Introducing Puffies!!! & BLESSED! {Pt 7}

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There’s a new product series in the shop that I’m SO EXCITED about! I just LUV these! Heeheeheee 🙂

INTRODUCING……………PUFFIES! {wahooo!!! yea!!!}

These are cute puffed plastic embellishments. They’re super versatile plus they mix’n match beautifully!

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBabyBlue_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBlack2_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBlack_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBlackDot_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBlkOL_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBlue_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBlueLime_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBrown_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBurgundy_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaBurntOrange_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaButter_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaFuchsia_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaGray_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaGreen_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaLavender_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaLimeDot_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaMint_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaNavy_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaOlive_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaOrange_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaPink_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaPurple_275

AHartline_PuffiesAlphaRed_275 AHartline_PuffiesAlphaYellow_275

AHartline_PuffiesShapesBracketsV1_275 AHartline_PuffiesShapesButterfliesV1_275

AHartline_PuffiesShapesCirclesV1_275 AHartline_PuffiesShapesHeartsV1_275


I hope you have as much fun with these as I will!…

BLESSED! {Pt 7} …AND if you want to try them out, leave a note here on THIS POST and tell me which Puffies kit is your favorite! I’ll randomly select two winners to receive a free Puffies kit of their choice!All entries must be received by 12AM CST Saturday, November 15.


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  • Elle says:

    These are all so cute! It was hard to choose a favorite, but I think mine is:
    Puffies Alphas: Fuchsia!

  • Kelly says:

    I LOVE the brackets!!

  • Jenny says:

    This was a hard choice…but I will have to say the Puffy Alpha: Black2…the brackets are a close second!!

  • Moonchild67 says:

    I love the puffy stars!
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Deb says:

    I really love all your puffy's but my favorite is the green and white polka dots one. Great work on all!

  • Randi says:

    The puffies Fuchia is my favorite, I love pink. And by the way, these are completely awesome!

  • Andrea says:

    Those are adorable! I love the blue and lime one. Thanks for the chance!

  • Sarah says:

    I just wanted to say I love them all! And that is ALOT of puffy letters! Looks like you've been busy sis! Good job! 🙂

    Love ya!

  • Candice S says:

    I know this contest is over, but I'd still like to share my favorite!! LOL!

    I love, love, love the Black and White Polka Dot Puffies…. plus, it's so fun just to say "Polka Dot Puffies!!" 🙂 Also, the brakets are a must-have!! Super cool! You are an awesome designer and I love your work!

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