Some of the CUTEST BOY KITS EVER! Evah! Evah!!!!

Digital Scrapbooking

Seriously. I’ve always been drawn to all things girly since there have been quite a few girls in my family & friend family. But I’ve found some of the cutest ever BOY KITS! I LOVE them! I knew as soon as I saw them that they were created by the amazingly talented Shannon Freeman! She is one of of those perfect artists…you love the work when you see it an buy it, AND you continue to love it and use it over & over again! We all know that is not always the case <said w heavy sarcasm as I think of the ga-gillion giga bytes of digi stuff on my hard drive>.

I reach for Shannon’s kits over & over again though so I knew these would be great. And with baby Will and soon to be here baby Tristen I’m thinking I’m going to get TONS of use out of them! Can ya tell I’m excited LOL? Just had to share these with you guys.

Dsm_allnatural_preview Look at this kit!!! The little owl made me LOL when I first saw him! And there are SO many fab papers in here, too. And the trees! YAY!!!!!

I really don’t even consider this kit ‘boy’ so much as outdoorsy. Hey I’ve been camping & fishing in my time, too!

Dsm_goodsport_previewI don’t have a single reason to scrap about sports other than to say I don’t follow any of ’em LOL – but this kit is so great! I’m sure I’ll use some of the great stuff in here like all those stars. Plus if any of you scrap sports stuff I’m sure you’ll love this one!


Look HOW CUTE THIS IS! I can hardly stand it. I have a cute pic of Will in a red shirt sleepin’ on his mama so I might just be forced to use that Oh-my-gosh-cute airplane to scrap it soon. 🙂 


You’ll probably think it’s funny but I may just use these next two kits to scrap my dad & brother! They are both tough-guy-electricians. Those ‘can you please come lift-open-move-fix this for me’ kind of guys. Duct tape is certainly called for!


And blue prints, too! Did you ever see cuter construction vehicles than this??? I didn’t think so.

In case you’re wondering, I picked up all 5 of these kits together on a CD called ‘Oh boy!’ from Digital Scrapbook Memories. I have seriously never ordered digi kits on by CD/DVD before, but would totally recommend this one!

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  • claire (shades of bliss0 says:

    Oh so cool to find out what Shannon is up to. Those kits are adorable!!!!! Can't wait to see what you make of them.

  • Andrea says:

    Angel I nearly fell off the bed when I spotted that cute little aeroplane and the diggers and construction stuff at the bottom!!! Oh my goodness, so fabulous. Don't suppose you know if she sells anywhere else?

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