Flower Girl Blog Party!

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To celebrate the completely FAB new Flower Girls, we decided to have a little blog party! And you know what that means…FREEBIES! Woohoo!!! The girls have created a wonderful assortment of templates.

Super huge congrats to the super talented Teresa Victor, Laura Kaye, Patricia Komara & Monika Martinson!!!

Ahartline_dblpinkedfrm_templateI created a template using of my fave formats. Plus I’ve included a free bent double pinked frame for ya in there!

You can download my template here (PSD & PNG formats included).

TinyflowersI’ve used this format more than once (like I said it’s one of my faves!). Here’s my LO of the girls picking flowers last summer. 🙂 One of those little childhood things that just make you so happy…remember?

~tiny flowers~
Prima Hybrid Credits: Vintage Garden by Vera Lim, Cherishing Every Moment Add-On & Buttoning It Up by Weeds & Wildflowers.

TeatimeAnd here’s the same template and a much younger Kate!

~tea time~
Credits here.   

Make sure to check out all the wonderful goodies all the girls made for you and leave them some love!:

Cindy www.AnAlteredState.blogspot.com
Melinda http://myscrapcorner.blogspot.com
Andrea www.andreagourley.blogspot.com
Jess http://scrapbookideas.wordpress.com/
Cathy http://paper-cat.blogspot.com
Teresa http://www.teresavictor.com/perspectives
Danielle www.danielleflanders.blogspot.com
Di http://dihickman.blogspot.com/
Amy http://alb52.typepad.com
Indah http://inskidahv.wordpress.com
Julie Ann http://jshahin.blogspot.com
Monika http://monma.blogspot.com/
Jamie http://twogirlsdesigned.blogspot.com
Kristin http://wyowoman.blogspot.com
Laura: Prima Hybrid post
Patty D http://scrapbookdimensions.com/blog/?p=265#more-265
Patty K http://plkomara.blogspot.com/

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