Biltmore Greenhouse


Biltmoregrn_03The greenhouse at Biltmore gloriously blooms even in the bitter cold weather of winter in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s overflowing with palms and tropical plants of all sorts, gorgeous assorted bulbs and flowers at every turn, and more poinsettias than I’ve ever seen in my life.


Mom was exhausted after touring all four floors of the house including the steps down to the basement, so she napped while the girls and I explored the depths of the greenhouse and wandered around outside a bit.


There are several long narrow houses extending out from the back of the main structure. We entered from the last of those structures directly into the hot house. We were grateful for the balmy heat after being in and out of the freezing weather all day! We wandered through rows and rows filled with towering trees, beds of plants, and more plants in pots of all sizes.


As always I am drawn to the bulb flowers…lilies and irises…mmmmmmm….


I can get lost in the ruffled and feathery edges…


and centers that look like crushed velvet.





There were several varieties of elegant orchids, too.


Pink and purple blooms balanced elegantly on narrow stems.









Christmas red poinsettias everywhere, too. They use so many in the house they have them all through the greenhouse.



After our tour of the greenhouse we walked around outside a bit. The girls are standing by this wonderful old twisted tree we came across on one side of the garden. I cannot wait to see it in spring when everything’s in bloom outside as well.

BTW it’s hard to tell in this photo but do you see Sara’s pink coat bulging a bit? She’s really starting to get big now and baby boy is kicking and moving. More on that later!


One last view of the greenhouse as we came around the far side.


And one last view of the gatehouse as we left the grounds after the candlelight tour.

All photo edges shown by Sande Krieger.

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