Biltmore House



The week before Christmas my mom & two sisters came to visit me in South Carolina. We had a great time looking at Christmas lights, junking, doing some holiday shopping, and visiting Biltmore House in Asheville.

Umm, wow.

It is truly magnificent. No matter how much you know about the house in advance, you will be impressed with the pure grandeur of this house and estate.

House. Ha! That term is not appropriate for this glorious structure. The house alone covers four acres of floor space and every inch of it breathtaking. The ceilings are my favorite…each one uniquely and paintstakingly decorated.

You cannot take photos inside so of course I purchased a book & DVD. I was able to take a few shots of the outside of the house and in the greenhouse.

Biltmorehse_01 Biltmorehse_05

Biltmorehse_02 Biltmorehse_03

Biltmorehse_04 Biltmorehse_06

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