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Splendor Did you give up on me? LOL guess I have some catching up to do. Things are CRAZY busy but good. I’ve been working on some FABULOUSLY exciting projects (that of course I can’t share LOL). Sorry. OK not really. Devil  Heeheee.

I have several LO’s and lots of pics to post, so I’ll start with 3 LO’s.

Credits here.

The fall season in the Carolinas will literally take your breath away. Stunning views that make it hard to concentrate long enough to keep you eyes on the road – thank goodness there’s not that many other cars! I took quite a few photos and gathered up a bunch of gorgeous leaves practically right in my own backyard. I’ll post more pics next but the pile of leaves and a couple of photos are featured in this LO. It’s hard to show even in a decent how amazingly beautiful it is.


~cozy cat~

Journaling: Apparently Monkey decided it’s unnecessary to wait for me to remove fresh laundry from the dryer before she sleeps on it. I opened up the dryer and went to get hangers, but when I came back she was already all curled up inside on the warm clothes.


~playing with my ball~
Credits here.

This one is of Miss Devin from last summer playing with her ball. She’s too cute!

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