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RainonlondonI have a couple of LO’s to share…shocker I know! I’ve barely had time to scrap in weeks but got a couple done this wkend in between other stuff. The first is:

~rain on london~
Credits here.

This is one of my all time fave LO’s! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new digiWERX Pharmacie Paper – it’s completely gorgeous art already. Plus I’ve been wanting to scrap this photo from the moment I saw it. Sacha & Brian took it while they were in London this summer. It’s so lovely. Mmmmmm.


photo closeup…

Don’t you love it when things just come together?

Daddysgirl My other LO is:

~daddy’s girl~
Credits here.

I hadn’t scrapped this cute pic of Brian & Devin taken on Easter yet, and this kraft paper seemed perfect for it.

I had a whirlwind week in Dallas last week…seriously craziness. Tons of appointments & errands, Sacha’s baby shower, shopping (hey it’s a tough job LOL). The week just flew by and now I’m back in Spartanburg, but with my kitty. Feels SO much more like home now. Our trip started out pretty rough but she calmed down after a while and was a total champ today. No fighting or fussing…just sat & slept on her pillow in the passenger seat. So on that note I’ll leave ya for the night with a pic of my sweet kitty on her pillow.


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