Independence Day!

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Happy Independence Day America! Hope you are all having a wonderful day and taking a minute to be grateful for it.

All year I have been taking photos of my front garden to do a mini book. I’ve taken so many it may end up being larger than ‘mini’ LOL. The three photos posted are the closest things I had in the garden this morning to red, white, & blue.

The first are the tiny flowers on my sedum. I love this plant. It’s the only plant surviving that I actually brought with me when I bought this house. It thrives and blossoms each season.


Don’t bother to argue that this dandelion is not a flower. I will not believe you. I have never lost my love for them since I was a small & making wishes.

Plus it resembles a firework.

The next photo are the little flowers on my purple clover. 20070704c

These photos are completely untouched other than resizing and adding Katie Pertiet’s lovely frames. Today I am so grateful I am learning to really use my camera. OK, so I’m not going to be winning awards with these photos, but they are a vast improvement to the blurry-I-don’t-need-to-read-the-camera-manual-mess photos I was getting before when I tried to use the digital macro.

I am spending the afternoon with good friends…chatting…eating fajitas…margaritas. mmmmm. It’s nice to take an afternoon away from responsiblity and work. Today I am happy. And grateful.

Hope you are, too.

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