FREEBIE! Photo Montage Template


Ahartline_photomontage_16_15in Hello! By request, I’ve made a simple photo montage template. This template is for sixteen 3x3in photos centered on a 15x15in sheet. Each square is on its own layer so you can easily display sixteen individual photos by using either the group function in PSE or the clipping mask function in PS.

You could easily resize the file to use for slightly smaller photos on a 12×12 LO.

Download the template in PSD format HERE. Do NOT share this link. Refer others to this blog if they want to download the file for their own use.

Please leave a comment if you download! Tks!


And you might want to check back soon as well! I’m working on a little something else you might want. Grin

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  • Melibelle says:

    THANK YOU! I just happen to pop in the digi board at 2peas and saw you lived in Dallas… as do I and clicked on your blog! I've so been wanting to do this but have yet to take the timet o make a template!



  • Celeste says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! I think I have it done.

  • Thanks so much for the montage-I'm so happy I found your blog tonight!

  • orachel says:

    Thanks so very much for the fab templates and quickpages!!! Too cool, and they've found a good home 😉

    Also wanted to mention that if you dig the photo montage deal, PANOS has some fantastic free actions…set that works for PS and one that works for PSE…that do amazing photo montage things automatically! They've prob got about 30 great free actions, and I love them because many of them are useful for hybrid crafting. So, hope you find something there that makes you smile as much as your QPs made me smile!


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