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2007may Finished my May calendar so thought I’d show ya! Yes, I know I’m a bit late this month…actually didn’t realize I hadn’t made May yet until I went to make a note on it. LOL Oops. But it worked out great since the LO I’m lifting for this week’s Scraplift Challenge was the perfect inspiration. Woo hoo! Gotta love that. I used another image from Sande’s Graphic Advice kit and quite a lot from Shannon’s Rainbow Brights kit. Now if you’ve even glanced at my digi LO’s you may have noticed I’m a bit infatuated with cardboard and kraft. So needless to say I’m lovin’ Shannon’s kit with all the little alpha-numeric tags (top, btm, left & right!). Credits here.

I love the quote:

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

and it was calling my name tonight since life is pretty difficult now work-wise. Blah. Does anyone need a graphic artist/product development person in Dallas??

And on that note I’ll leave you with some Dilbert that made me LOL. I swear someone must record our office and send it to a certain Mr. Scott Adams:



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