Oh, and these, too:

    Dark Horse by Marshall, Amanda
    Demolition Love by Arden, Jann
    Dreamer by Childs, Toni
    Enter from the East by Jewel
    Faith In You by P.M. Dawn
    Fallen by McLachlan, Sarah
    Fallen Angel by Garza, David
    Fire Sign by Berkeley, David
    Fix You by Coldplay
    Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms
    Gasoline by Arden, Jann
    Good Mother by Arden, Jann
    Hallelujah by Buckley, Jeff
    Hands by Jewel
    Hanging By A Thread by Arden, Jann
    Holy Moses by Arden, Jann
    How Would I Know by Etheridge, Melissa
    I Am So Ordinary by Cole, Paula
    I Don’t Want to Wait by Cole, Paula
    If It Makes You Happy by Crow, Sheryl
    I’m Not Sleeping by Counting Crows
    I’m Sensitive by Jewel
    Innocence Maintained by Jewel
    Land Of Canaan by Indigo Girls
    Language Or The Kiss by Indigo Girls
    Least Complicated by Indigo Girls
    Living Under June by Arden, Jann
    Mad World (From "Donnie Darko") by Jules, Gary
    Mama I’m Strange by Etheridge, Melissa
    Mary by McLachlan, Sarah
    Me by Cole, Paula
    Not The Girl You Think You Are by Crowded house
    One of These Mornings by Moby
    Paper Wings by Welch, Gillian
    Perfect Girl by McLachlan, Sarah
    Pretty Good Year by Amos, Tori
    Remember the Tinman by Chapman, Tracy
    Say Hello Wave Goodbye by Gray, David
    Secret Garden by Springsteen, Bruce
    Silent All These Years by Amos, Tori
    Sleep to Dream by Apple, Fiona
    Talk by Coldplay
    The Child Is Gone by Apple, Fiona
    The Difficult Kind by Crow, Sheryl
    The Heart of the Matter by Henley, Don
    The Sound Of by Arden, Jann
    There Goes The Neighborhood by Crow, Sheryl
    These Dreams by Heart
    Thin Line by Indigo Girls
    Tiger by Cole, Paula
    Truth of the Heart by Etheridge, Melissa
    You Only Disappear by McRae, Tom

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