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Rc_peachcobbler  I finished a couple of 6×6 recipe cards for a charity fundraiser. This cobbler recipe is SO EASY and SO YUMMY. The batter rises up in cooking to surround the fruit and forms buttery sweet goodness. The recipe calls for canned fruit but fresh peaches in syrup make it even better!

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I may still rework the filled strawberry bread one if I can manage to make a batch soon. I was a bit distracted from making the card by the thought of the yummy bread itself, and it looks way plain to me. <sigh>

At least I know the recipe is awesome!

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This chicken spaghetti recipe is a family favorite and so adaptable. You can use a whole chicken or whatever you have on hand including turkey. You can add sliced mushrooms to the veges (mmmmm…) and you can also mix up the cheese. I love to mix sharp cheddar with another fave such as a good swiss. Keep a handy container of chicken broth in the frig for reheating (it will need more moisture as you reheat) and you’re good to go! What’s for dinner tonight anyway???

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