Pantone's Colorstrology!

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Pantone’s Colorstrology is just too cool!! I love these little online "tests" but of course am always skeptical. Imagine my happy surprise when this one was perfect! First of all anyone who knew me back in the day when I used my pastels on a daily basis, would know my absolute favorite color in the world is cerulean. So I clicked on October and there it is!



then after reading the-oh-so-true october part, I went on and selected 07…and it was right on as well! Wasn’t I just raving about loving purple?!? Of course this says lavender, but really I love pretty much all shades of purple.

Colorstrologyoct07_1 Colorstrologyoct07_2

My bedding is purple (although a darker shade), and a wall in my bedroom is painted purple. I’m all inspired now to create some art today. LOL It’s the little things in life that make you happy, right?

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