First Blooms

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Firstblooms_3 Whew! Busy April so far. Lots going on and not enough hours in the day! I’ve so many projects & ideas it’s hard to know where to start. Must keep pushing myself to finish one before moving on to the next!

Another LO to post that I made for the 2Peas Scraplift Challenge a couple of days ago: First Blooms. Credits are here.

I really love roses and wish my photos did them justice! I really want to become a better photographer. I tried to take a photography class once but the instructor was quite an a$% (believe me it’s saying a lot for me to call someone artistic that). He pretty much refused to deal with any students that didn’t want to become professional photographers, even though it was a beginner class & a community college. Good grief. I just wanted to learn the basics so my photos look better; not get a masters from the guy!  SOOO, if any of you out there know of a fab online digi photography class feel free to email me!

I am so inspired by all the stunning digi kits available lately! WOW!! I mean WOW! I’ve got quite a stock pile going so I’d better get scrapping!

Night! Angel

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