Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

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Cal2007apr Aaaccckk! Almost midnight again. Who needs sleep anyway?? OK, so unfortunately I do have to sleep but if I had 3 wishes…just seems like such a waste of time! Plus I’m such a night owl by nature.

Saw there was another recall on pet food this time. Good grief! These companies really have gotten careless with their products. I realize no can be perfect but when you’re producing so much food (for either people or animals) that a 30-40mil problem is generated from only like 11% of your volume, don’t you think there maybe should be some kind of double checking in place?

Made one LO today for the 2Ps 2sday Challenge: Monochromatic LO. Used Rhonna’s bold borders to make the bg pp. Fabulous art she cooks up for my enjoyment! LOL

Off to bed with me now before I start some late-night online shopping!


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